Kenguru GM Kereskedelmi Közkereseti Társaság
6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Szántó K. J. u. 78.
Tax number: 21600911-2-06


Telephone: +36-62/534-841 
Fax: +36-62/534-840

GPS: É 46. 42317; K 20. 31814



How to get here by car:
From Budapest you can take the M5 highway to get here, where at Szeged there is a road sign showing the way. Arriving from Szeged or Orosháza you must take road 47 to reach our hotel.



How to get here by train:
Those arriving by train can arrive at the Kangaroo Hotel from two directions. Trains stop at two stations in our town, at the Main Railway Station and at the PublicPark, which is a small station. The Main Railway Station is closer to the hotel, and the easiest way to get here is an 8-10 minute taxi ride.
To get a taxi at arrival there is number to call for free: +36 80 / 628-628